If you have a bed or mattress that has lumps, hard spots or areas where the springs have failed, then your only solution is a replacement mattress.
However, if you have a mattress that feels a bit too firm, or lacks the cushion like sinking quality, a mattress topper may be the solution - and it is a lot cheaper than a replacement bed.

What is a Mattress Topper?

Simply put, a topper is an extra layer of cushioning and padding that you lay (or strap) on top of the existing mattress beneath the bedding sheet. This has the effect of adding an additional top level of padding to an existing mattress and it allows you to gain some extra softness, or to benefit from a material like memory foam.
Most toppers will have a protective layer which means that they will double as a mattress protector. They can look like a large spongy mat, or they can be quilted. It all depends upon the type of material used to fill them.

Most mattress toppers are different from regular cushion pads because they are vacuum pressed. This means that they're machine rolled so that they do not appear bulky. Thus, mattress toppers that are sized even for huge California King sized begs can be delivered in regular boxes. The moment you open the package to roll out your mattress topper, you will notice that it seems to magically expand. Once it has expanded fully to its regular shape, you can place it on top of your mattress.

Mattress toppers are comfortable to sleep on particularly if you are suffering from allergy because they are renowned for being hypo-allergenic.

It isn't usual to have people complaining about all the aches and pains they feel before, during and after sleeping on a traditional mattress. It's usually because their mattresses do not snugly follow their body contours, thus most feel that their bed is either too hard or too soft. That's why purchasing a mattress topper may be the solution to all your sleeping problems. One may think that a 2-inch thick foam pad may not sound as if it can do much for your comfort but it truly can! Even with ordering the 2-inch memory foam topper, you will notice a marked difference in comfort. Some individuals who prefer a super comfy rest may want to try the 3-inch mattress topper and it really does make you feel that you're resting in sublime luxury. The one problem, however, is that because it is so comfortable and cushioning, your body may tend to sink deeper into the pad and some feel that they lose back support as a result. Nevertheless, if your primary interest is in sleeping better, 3-inch mattress toppers are products that can assure a comfortable night of sleep.

Most mattress pads impress even those who initially didn't believe in their attributes. Initially, it seems that these memory foam bed toppers seemed to be simply a craze. But over time, more people tried them and discovered that they solved many of their back pain, arthritis and even sleep anxiety problems.

There are those who have old and even damaged mattresses with the springs almost coming apart, but you do not necessarily have to buy a new bed if you utilize a thicker mattress topper. In fact, there are even those who prefer to layer extra thick memory foam pads on top of a box spring, forming their own custom memory foam bed topper that provides a luxurious feeling. Many people who become accustomed to sleeping on mattress toppers will find that when they sleep in another bed, such as in a hotel or on vacation, they truly miss the comfort of the memory foam and have trouble sleeping without it!

You can find memory foam bed topper selections in most bedding and department stores these days. Additionally, online stores often have excellent deals on purchasing memory foam products and can answer all your questions to help you decide which mattress topper best fits your needs and your personal preferences.

Different Types of Toppers

There are two different reasons for wanting a topper. One is to get the extra softness and padding, however, the other is to turn a spring based mattress into a composite mattress, i.e. a mattress that utilizes two different types of construction for maximum advantage.
In the latter case, materials like Visco elastic memory foam and Latex can be used to give a bed the ability to mold itself around the person sleeping on it. These materials have become very popular in recent years and many experts in the medical and orthopedic disciplines consider them to offer superior support to spring based beds. Additionally, they have good hypoallergenic properties that make them ideal for allergy sufferers.

The options for mattress toppers do not stop with memory foam and Latex foam. There are many other filling materials from standard foams through to natural organic materials.

When it comes to organic topper fillers, duck and goose feathers and down are one of the most popular and, since many people have pillows filled with this material, it allows a consistent filler to be used on all of the bedding surfaces that contact the body.

Another popular filling material for a mattress topper is organic wool. Organic wool has been increasing in its bedding applications and its washable quality gives it an advantage over many of its synthetic rivals. The appearance of any given topper is determined by the filler and the quality of the covering material.

Conventional foam toppers offer a much more predictable comfort experience. Compression and sink are based solely on the foam's firmness and the weight of the user. At a certain point, the foam topper will compress to where the weight of the sleeper is fully supported. Knowing what to expect from a topper material will not only help you pick the type that's best for you but assist in making sure the size you select is right for you too. Often when an individual is unhappy with a topper, their issues can be attributed to a thickness that isn't right for them. Keeping this from happening can help ensure your best sleep experience.

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