It is a mystery how everyone loves their mattress. Human beings spend approximately a third of their lives in bed, and therefore mattresses play a major role in the quality of sleep we get.

Also, according to research, we get to sleep more naturally and easier when we sleep at their ideal temperature. Cooler night sleep increases the amount of rapid eye movement (REP) stage sleep. 

REP is the rejuvenating stage of sleep, and if I get enough of this, I will wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed hence better productivity during the day and more importantly improvement of overall health.

Discussed below are different ways I have used to keep my memory foam mattress cool.

Mattress Toppers and Pads

These two terms are repeatedly used interchangeably yet they have different meanings and functions. Also known as a mattress protector, a pad is that thin layer used as a barrier between the user and a mattress. While a topper adds a few inches to the mattress's sleeping surface and is thicker than a pad, it is also important to understand that a topper is more expensive than a mattress protector. I have discovered that it is more comfortable to sleep on a bed with a mattress protector on top of a topper.

Getting a gel topper is probably the best-proven option to keep my memory foam mattress cool. All I have done is placed it on top of my existing memory foam mattress. A gel topper offers the support I need to sleep comfortably and absorb movement. I don't have to worry about comfort especially when sharing my bed.

Although latex toppers are commonly available, cotton is a perfect choice. Cotton is water resistant, moisture absorbing, and heat retentive. It also creates a well. The extra cushion prevents the allergy prone from allergens and dust.

Memory Foam Mattress Cover

I have also used the following mattress with temperature regulating elements, and they delivered amazing results.

Outlast- it is a smart and soft fabric that regulated my body temperature and prevented fluctuations. It attains this by storing all excess heat and then releasing it when needed. This means I had an optimal sleeping temperature despite the current weather.

Coolmax- this is another ultra-breathable fabric that quickly eliminated moisture and extra heat building up around my body hence ensuring I enjoyed a cool and comfortable optimal sleep all night long.


Most mattresses made with strong layers of polyfoam and memory foam will restrict airflow and prevent breathability. I also discovered that the type of bed frame you use could either improve or limit this. Metal and wood frames with uniformly spaced boards enhance the flow of air beneath the form mattress which makes your bed cooler. Solid frames with no slats, on the other hand, have an opposite effect.

Make sure your bed frame slats are properly spaced. Otherwise, your mattress will sag and sink and result in indentations on the sleep surface.


Moreover, with the right choice of bed sheets, I have managed to cool off my mattress to a reasonable degree. A good sheet should absorb sweat, wick moisture and reduce body heat retention.

Bedsheets made of cotton such as Peruvian Pima or Egyptian cotton as well as those woven with bamboo fibers help with sleeping cooler.
When purchasing sheets, thread count is an important consideration factor. Typically, most recommended sheets have their thread count between 250 and 400.

With time I have also discovered the importance of fitting sheets; they cover the whole mattress. Having a measurement match has reduced chances of my sheets becoming loose when sleeping.


A pillow also plays a key role in improving one's sleep condition. It cools off the head hence lowering overall body temperature. Pillows made with natural materials such as buckwheat, cotton, feathers, and bamboo are the best. Latex is also a good choice, but I find it as a heat trap.

There are also memory foam pillows. Most manufacturers claim gel memory foam pillows are infused with gel beads and lead to a cooler sleep than a standard memory foam pillow.

Bedroom Climate Control

Here are other simple tips I have used before to maintain a steady temperature in my room.

•Wear pajamas made of natural fibers like wool or cotton. It breathes better and helps with cooler sleep compared to synthetic fabrics such as polyester
• Opening windows was also a great way to maintain consistent airflow in my bedroom, but it led to a lot of outside noise. As a result, I bought and kept a small fan with low settings close to my bed.
• When my little fan stopped functioning, a very good friend of mine recommended I create cold air by placing a plastic bag with frozen water or ice pack near my fan. Another way I have created cold air is using a 2-way window fan that allows the outside air enter the room while removing warm and stagnant air.
• With time I have also discovered turning all the electronics and lights off not only reducing my energy bills but also allow me to sleep well. Overhead lights and bedside lamps produce heat that can make using a memory foam mattress unbearable. It is advisable to switch them off about 30 minutes before sleeping. Electronic gadgets like TVs, mobile phones, and computers also produce heat.
• Taking a glass of water before bed also helps me cool down and stay relaxed on my mattress. Additionally, a good cold shower before going to sleep delivers the same results.
• I tend waking up in the night feeling very warm; therefore I have learned simple techniques that will get me back to sleep quickly. For instance, I hold my wrist under cool running water or keep a damp piece of cloth next to my bed so I can cool myself without getting out of bed.

Final thought

You don't have to look for various tips to keep your memory foam mattress cool if you purchase the mattress with the best qualities. Here is my advice: although most mattresses today have a cooling gel technology, ensure you are careful about warranty, dense mattress matter, customer reviews, and cooling particles used.

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