A significant chunk of life is spent sleeping. As such, comfort when sleeping should not be shrugged off. A bed, a mattress that is in good shape, fresh bed sheets, a pillow and a comforter, are some of the most fundamental components required. However, there is still an overlooked component. That component is a mattress topper. A mattress topper will come in handy in regulating temperature, ensuring comfort and providing extra support when sleeping. Mattress replacement can sometimes be expensive; thus, a mattress topper can also be used to extend the life of a mattress, to a few more years.

A mattress topper is often confused with a mattress pad. The latter is thinner and is commonly used for mattress protection as well as providing softness. It could also have unique features like being waterproof or anti-allergy. Other features could include pads that have heat boosting structures, which are suitable for winter and those that facilitate cooling if there is excessive heat. Despite the difference, the two can be used hand in hand, such that the pad can hold the topper and the mattress as one component.

Below are many factors to consider when purchasing a mattress topper.

Selecting a Topper- What to Consider

Choosing which type of topper to purchase can be a tedious exercise. It is always important to first know what features you require, as there is always more than meets the eye. Below is what to look for when selecting a mattress topper.

Comfort/Softness- For a naturally soft feel, cotton or down material could be more suitable. Toppers made of memory foam or latex are equally good alternatives. Often, it is easier to attain softness than firmness, when it comes to mattress toppers.

Support- Toppers made of latex and memory foam are well suited in maintaining body posture. They provide the extra support required by both limbs and the back.

Price- The price of mattress toppers ranges from $30USD to $1,000USD. However, price and quality are not always directly correlated to comfort needs.

Thickness- Standard toppers range from a thickness of 2-8 inches. Latex and memory foam toppers tend to have a higher thickness. Using them for rekindling waning mattresses is a sensible use case for toppers.

Density- A topper’s density goes a long way in dictating the amount of support it will provide. Both latex and foam memory toppers have the advantage of giving a wide range of density. It is easy to find a topper that meets one’s optimum needs.

Heat- Denser and thicker toppers tend to feel hotter as they absorb more heat from the body. Consequently, toppers made of memory foam and those of latex fall in this category. On the contrary, feather, down and wool toppers resonate well with any season. They provide warmth when cold and minimize heat and absorb sweat when hot.

Cleaning- Down and feather toppers are strenuous to clean than the rest.

Types of Toppers Available

Toppers are available in a wide range of material and style. Knowledge of these materials and styles is critical in choosing the best topper

Here’s a look at the various kinds of mattress toppers.


  • - They are expensive.

  • - Pros: It is not only firm and supportive but also comfortable and anti-allergenic. They are durable too.

  • - Cons: It is expensive and retains excessive hence not suitable for the summer.


  • - Price ranges, from affordable to expensive, depending on the features it has.
  • - Pros: They are comfortable, soft and durable. Furthermore, they are useful in temperature regulation.
  • - Cons: Provide less cushion as compared to other materials.

Egg Crate

  • - They are generally cheap.
  • - Pros: Besides being cheap, they are also portable and light in weight.
  • - Cons: Over and above being both less padding and durable, they also absorb excess heat.

Memory foam

  • - Prices range from moderate to expensive.

  • -Pros: They are durable, supportive and very comfortable.
  • - Cons: Has an unpleasant initial smell and has the tendency of retaining heat.

Down and feather

  • - The prices are usually moderate.
  • - Pros: They provide a luxurious and soft feel. They are also durable and pretty good in temperature regulation.
  • - Cons: They are less supportive and may require addition of fluff, to keep it in good shape.

Polyester and Cotton

  • - Prices range from cheap to expensive.
  • - Pros: Soft in feel and are generally very easy to clean.

  • -Cons: Less durable.

Product Review- The Best Mattress Topper

Here is a review of some of the bestselling mattress toppers, currently in the market.

LUCID 3- Inch mattress topper

- Available in the following sizes; Twin, twin XL, full, full XL, Queen, King and California King. Prices vary for each size.

  • - Has a very soft feel hence very comfortable.
  • - Has been designed with ventilations so as to regulate heat.
  • - It is further infused with a gel material to regulate heat.

Premium mattress bed topper

  • - Comes in an assortment of sizes, including full, king, queen and twin which do vary in prices.
  • - It is waterproof and mite and bed bug resistant.
  • - Easy to fit and wash.
  • - Exhibits a fitted sheet design
  • Comfortable and tender, limiting noises produced while turning or stretching

Natural wool -21×51 inches

  • - Suitable for absorbing sweat.
  • - It is allergy free and is ideal for children who have sensitive skin.
  • - Free from dust and mildew mites.
  • - Durable and has a natural soft feel.
  • - It is able to fit various sizes of beds

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