I have always considered the comfort of my bed as one of the most important contributors to my overall productivity. After a long day full of activities, I just want to sink into a comfortable bed and get a good night's sleep. This is what makes it so important to find a mattress that has all the ingredients as far as comfort is concerned. For me, the comfort of where I sleep is a necessity and not a luxury.

The first time I heard about cooling gel mattresses, I was interested in knowing more about them. While many were singing their praises, most were talking based on what they had read in advertisements or heard other people saying. If these mattresses worked as people said they did, I wanted to see for myself. Don't they say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating? If that is the case, then the proof of the mattress is in the sleeping.

One thing you will realize when looking for a cooling gel mattress is that you have so much to choose from that you can easily get confused. There are so many brands to choose from, and each brand is singing the praises of its products. The key lies in looking past the hype and comparing the claims with the facts on your own.

What is a cooling gel mattress?

Before the cooling gel mattresses made its debut, the notion was that the traditional memory foam mattress made it too hot for you to sleep comfortably at night. The idea was to have a layer filled with gel included in mattresses that would make it cooler when you sleep. The gel was also supposed to relieve pressure.

The reason you sleep too hot when you sleep on a foam mattress is that foam traps heat a bit longer than an ordinary spring mattress. Foam mattresses are sensitive conductors of your body's heat. Adding the cooling gel was meant to help the mattress cool off your sleeping experience while retaining the benefits of an average foam mattress.

Does a cooling gel mattress work?

The first question that people ask when they want to purchase a cooling gel mattress is if the technology works. You are looking for a mattress that can keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep. If you ask ten people who have used cooling gel mattresses for whether they work, you are likely to get varying answers.

How the cooling gel works

When there is a difference between the mattress surface and your body heat, the mattress absorbs and traps the heat from your body. That means that there must be a way of absorbing the heat and releasing it from the sleeping surface. In most cases, you will have microscopic capsules that are full of solid gel that is injected into the mattress. As the gel in those capsules heats up, it will liquefy. As it does so, it will be releasing heat from the mattress surface.

It's easy to assume that the gel is petroleum-based products. They are not. They are derived from, believe it or not, soy-based materials. It is true that the cooling gel feels cool when you physically touch it. It is this cooling characteristic that it is supposed to impart on the entire mattress when injected.

Just like any other products, these mattresses work differently for different people. Some people see them as the best thing that happened to them, and others are not too impressed. When we talk about cooling you as you sleep, we are talking about the entire seven to eight-hour sleeping session and not just the first couple of hours.

What causes the regular foam mattress to overheat?

The reason cooling gel mattresses came about was although memory foam mattresses are comfortable to sleep on, they can also cause users to spend the nights tossing and turning because of too much heat. Cooling gel mattresses were supposed to offer relief from this discomfort.

One of the key reasons for overheating in foam mattresses is the foam structure. While the foam material is made dense to support our bodies, the thickness makes it difficult for air to circulate between our bodies and the mattress.

A result of this restricted ventilation, more heat stays trapped with every increase in mattress temperature. So, the denser the foam mattress, the hotter your night is likely to be. Therefore, more and more foam mattress brands are changing materials and introducing cooling gel components in their products.

Other benefits of cooling gel mattresses

1. Environmentally friendly

For people who are keen on buying products that are environment-friendly, cooling gel mattresses are among those products. The gel is derived from environmentally friendly material and has no toxic substances that are detrimental to your skin or body.

2. Pressure relief

Whichever way you prefer to sleep, it is very important to have a mattress that provides you sufficient support and relaxes your pressure points. If these areas are not relaxed, muscle pains and body aches are likely to kick in and hamper your sleep. Cooling gel mattresses can help relieve pressure and make your sleep comfortable.

3. Suitability for all

Because they don't contain toxic substances, cooling gel mattresses can be used by just about anyone including children and grandparents alike. That is why you will find some physicians recommending this mattress.

In summary

Any extra money you spend on making your nights more comfortable is worth every penny. While we can argue for or against cooling gel mattresses, one thing is for sure: They are a big improvement on regular foam mattresses.

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