Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers 2018

I’ve always found myself switching from one pillow to another, and this is the one factor that causes me sleepless nights. The soreness I feel around my neck is the reason for my search of the perfect pillow.

Of course, I learned a lot of things throughout the process of buying one pillow after another, and apparently, the way you sleep highly affects the kind of pillow that suits you. As a combination sleeper, it was harder for me to find the right pillow, and found myself subscribed to the small subscription list of combination sleepers.

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What Pillows Work Best for Mixed Sleepers?

Each person sleeps differently, and I know people who sleep better on their back. There are others who sleep better on their stomachs, and there are also those who have a hard time breathing on either of those two positions, but can sleep peacefully on their side.

If you find yourself shifting from one position to another, objectively, then you’re a combination sleeper.

Here’s the tricky part.

Stomach sleepers need very little support, so thinner pillows are perfect for them. As for back sleepers, they would have to mind the way their body curves against the bed, with the neck’s curve being the most critical part. Read our guide to Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers.

As for side sleepers, it’s more challenging to maintain the right curve for the head and neck, so firmer pillows with the right height would be perfect. Note that the pillow should not be too thick, but it should be a bit higher than the pillow that a stomach or back sleeper uses.

As for combination sleepers like me, you’ll need a combination of everything. You’ll also have to avoid feather quill pillows at all costs, as this does not really allow you to comfortably move from one position to another.

The Benefits of Combination Sleeper Pillows

Some of you may say, “But it’s just a pillow!”

Well, guess what. You can solve a lot of issues through your choice of pillow. In fact, you may even find that the benefits do not just present themselves while you sleep.

What are the benefits of using combination sleeper pillows?

  • Longer and better sleep. You may have slept 6 hours last night. But if you had to wake up every 2 hours or so, that’s not exactly what you’d call optimal sleep. Add to that the fact that 8 hours is still the goal here. With combination sleeper pillows, you can have longer sleep without interruptions. This means that you wake up the next day feeling truly refreshed and well-rested, not the usual tired state you end up in despite just having gotten out of the bed.
  • Better posture. Did you know that your sleeping position affects your posture? The way your back curves, the way you walk around, the way you stand – all these are pretty much affected by your sleeping position. And one of the things that affect your sleeping position is your pillow. When you use the right kind of pillow, you can make sure that your posture is not sacrificed. It doesn’t matter what position you sleep in. With the right neck, head and spine support, you can maintain better posture both asleep and awake.
  • Less risks of tension headaches, back pain, etc. Just like your posture, other conditions like headaches and back pain are caused by the amount of support your head and neck are getting while you sleep. Just imagine. Without proper support, your neck and back takes the strain. Some people think that their head often hurts because of stress or other factors. In reality, a lot of people I know who suffer from these conditions admit to not caring much about how their head is positioned when they sleep. By choosing the right pillow, you also minimize the risks of experiencing these health issues.
  • Reduces snoring. It’s not a 100% solution, but it does minimize the sound well. Because the right pillows allow your head to be positioned properly, it also means that it avoids having your airways blocked as well. This makes it easier to breathe, and lessens the likelihood of the sound of your snoring reaching the neighbors.

Now that you know why you should choose your pillow well, let’s move on to the most important thing – what kind of pillow should you buy?

The Different Types of Pillows that Work Well with Combination Sleepers

The thing about combination sleepers is that you have to consider a little bit of everything. You need a pillow that offers enough support when sleeping on your side, so this means that you need a little height. However, it’s also normal for you to flip to your back anytime, so this means you also need your pillow to have a lower area in the middle to accommodate the curve of your head and neck.

In this case, you’ll find that ergonomic pillows help a lot. Ergonomic pillows are usually shaped differently from your regular pillow. Instead of having it all fluffed up in the middle, ergonomic pillows leave an indentation in the middle to accommodate your head.

It is also best to check out pillows that use shredded memory foam, as these go right back to their original form every time you make a shift in position. You could also look for a pillow that uses a mix of different fillers, or maybe, a buckwheat hull pillow.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Combination Sleeping Pillow

Before making the purchase, what are the things that you need to think about?

  • Thickness. Remember that if your pillow is too high or too low, it forces your head into a position that would strain your neck and spine. Make sure that the pillow you choose has just the right thickness. If you are unsure about what’s most ideal for you, there are pillows that allow you to adjust its thickness.
  • Softness. Some people think that softer pillows would give them better sleep, simply because it feels better at first. Unfortunately, the softer your pillow is, the more that your spine is affected over the long-term. Pillows that are too soft offer very little support as it just lets your head lay down in any position, regardless if the position is healthy or not. In the same way, pillows that are too firm will give you very little moving room, adding strain to your neck and back.
  • Material. The kind of material used on your pillow can also affect the quality of your sleep, especially in terms of the filling used. Shredded memory foam easily adjusts to your sleeping position, however, it also gets hot easily. A lot of people are also allergic to synthetic materials, so that’s something you should look at as well. Luckily, there are all-natural options that you can turn to in case you’re highly sensitive. There are pillows made of bamboo material, for example.
  • Price. Incidentally, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive options is quite wide. This is why you’ll have to consider your budget. Of course, the more expensive ones are priced that way because of innovations and unique features you may not find on other pillows. The kind of material used may also affect the pillow’s price. But this does not mean that the most expensive is the best. The cheaper options do not automatically suck, either. Remember that as combination sleepers, each person’s needs are different. You have to find the perfect balance between quality and price.
  • Quality. Especially if you’re opting for some of the more expensive choices, you have to make sure the pillow is worth the investment. Some people find themselves buying pillows every so often simply because it wears out too easily with constant use. Can you imagine how much these people have spent on pillows alone? This is why you have to make sure the pillow you’re buying will last. Reviews like this one could greatly help you in figuring out how long each pillow lasts. Don’t just trust the warranty given by the company. Check out how long other people have been using the pillow and how their experience has been so far.

Make sure you go through this checklist before making a final decision. After all, your final choice will dictate how well you’ll be sleeping from now on.

10 Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers

Given the fact that combination sleepers have very unique needs, there is also a need to choose one’s pillows well. Remember that we’re not just talking about comfort here – we’re also talking about health.

Here are some of the best pillows in the market for combination sleepers:

1. Snuz Sleep Bed Pillow

At first look, you’ll probably wonder how you can possibly be comfortable using a pillow like this. It’s shaped like an hourglass, with the middle part thinner than the sides. But I guess that’s the reason why it gave me restful sleep for the first time in so long the first week I used it.

The pillow is divided into two chambers, a design that basically ensures all the material is kept in their proper place. So unlike other pillows, it doesn’t easily lose its form.

I also noticed that the pillow stayed cool despite hours of sleep. Using other pillows, I would usually sweat it out, which triggers me to change positions to find a better area to rest my head on. Not with this pillow.

I am also highly allergic, so it helps that the material used on the Snuz pillow is resistant to dust mites, molds and mildew.

I’ve washed this pillow quite a few times, and it always goes right back to its proper form after.

2. Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

Tri-Core has made pretty serious claims about the quality of their pillow, so it can make anyone skeptical at first. When you think about it though, the trapezoid-shaped center does allow it to cradle the head effectively, regardless of its size or shape.

At first, this pillow might feel a little too firm. But don’t give up on it just yet – you have to let it slowly show you what it can really do. You also have to remember that most of the time, pillows that are too soft could cause you back and neck problems. With that being said, if you’re switching to this pillow because of those problems, be ready to be uncomfortable at first. But after a few days of using it, you’ll realize that this firmness actually relieves a lot of those pain points you used to complain about.

Be ready to be more conscientious about the way you sleep as well. You may need to adjust it a bit if you have a higher tendency of turning sideways. The great thing about this pillow is that it allows a lot of flexibility. For instance, one side is for larger neck support, while the other side is for smaller necks. You can also angle it a bit if you want better support depending on how you’re positioned on your bed.

3. Bamboo Pillow by Xtreme Comforts

If one of your biggest concerns (aside from proper neck support) is the kind of material used, this could be a great solution for you. It’s 100% natural, using bamboo both for both the filling and the casing. The natural material also makes this a great choice for those who are allergic to anything synthetic.

One thing that you’ll probably notice when you use those memory pillows is the weight. Especially if you’ve been asleep for quite some time and would like to adjust it, you’ll find that it’s easier to adjust and move around, unlike other pillows that become heavier the longer your use it. It’s also quite soft, but not overly so. It gives the right mix of comfort and support.

It’s also evident that while other pillows have this faint chemical smell the first time you take it out of its packaging, this bamboo pillow from Xtreme Comforts does not have that issue.

Air circulation is also a big plus in this product. You may find yourself staying in the same position for some time, but this pillow stays cool.

You can also easily adjust its thickness simply by removing or adding some filling. Both the inner and outer covers are zippered – making it easy to clean any time.

4. Roscoe Fiber Filled Cervical Indentation Pillow

Just like the Tri-Core pillow, the Roscoe fiber-filled indentation pillow has a recessed core that allows better support, especially around the neck area. And as with any similarly-designed pillow, it could take some getting used to, especially if you’ve been using regular pillows before. But once that trial and adjustment period is over, you’ll feel unbelievable relief around your neck.

The material also allows the pillow to easily go back to its proper form each time you change positions. Using other pillows, you may end up getting frustrated with all the material squishing together on one side or on a single corner. That doesn’t happen here.

5. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

For those who’ve been shopping around for the best pillows for quite some time now, they’ll probably think twice when they see “shredded memory foam”, mostly because pillows like these are heavier than others. You’d have to admit though, that this material is also great if you want a pillow that really conforms to the shape of your head.

This makes the Snuggle-Pedic pillow a great choice. The company actually made their own kind of foam, taking the best out of the usual memory foam and adding a lot more to it.

The foam is finely-shredded, so it adjusts to your spine, neck and head better.

A bit of a warning before you try it out – it can be quite pricey compared to other options. But I assure you that the investment is worth it. This pillow can give you some of the best nights of your life.

Aside from the material giving you amazing support, the exterior also promotes great air circulation, so it remains cool throughout the night. You can also tell that the material is top quality mostly because of the fact that despite using it for a year or so, it still remains in top shape. You can even wash it a few times and still feel the same amount of comfort as you did when you first tried it out.

6. Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Another pricey option, there’s a good reason why people pay for this beauty of a pillow. Its amazing ergonomic support shows you instant results. Especially if you’ve suffered from injury in the past, have undergone surgery, or just has a lot of posture issues, this would give you probably the best sleep you’ve had in a long time.

First of all, it’s designed to accommodate any position you want to sleep in. You can sleep with your head smack in the middle of the “V” in the middle, or you can flip it around if you need better support. You can also turn sideways quite easily – the sides will offer great support for that.

It’s also great that instead of allowing you to toss and turn around, it somehow allows you to stay comfortable in the most optimal positions that will not compromise your spine in any way. The moment you shift positions, it will immediately make your head sink back into the most appropriate area.

But then, a lot of people who have looked into it go back to the price, as it is one of the priciest options on the list. It’s good to know, however, that this is a high-quality pillow, so know that this investment will actually last for years.

7. Coop Home Goods Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

Once again, here’s a pillow that stays cool despite the use of memory foam. Coop Home Goods really did their work on this, especially as far as air circulation is concerned. Again, it’s shredded memory foam, so that works wonders in keeping the pillow cool compared to the usual memory foam. Add to that the fact that this is made of bamboo material, so it doesn’t trigger your allergies.

The pillow gives an amazing amount of support, regardless if you’re sleeping on your back, your side, or on your stomach. It’s never too firm or too soft, so it adjusts easily as you shift between positions. It also lasts for quite a long time without its form being sacrificed. Just fluff it up when you feel that it needs to go back to its original shape, and you’re good to go.

The only downside to this is that hint of chemical smell the first time it went out of its packaging. That issue was easily handled with a little Febreze.

8. OXA Spring Bed Pillows

This pillow may not have the indented core that allows combination sleepers the liberty to move around. But it definitely works just the same. The OXA pillow uses a non-flatten system, so you know what that means. It’s firm enough to give you support no matter which way you turn.

For those who are a little on the heavy side though, this pillow may not work for you. Although it’s firm enough for small people like me, it didn’t handle the weight quite well when it was my brother who tried to use it.

9. Beegod Soft Pillows

The Beegod soft pillow lives up to its name – it’s definitely soft enough to keep you comfortable through the night.

The material is also amazing in the sense that it keeps the pillow cooler than a lot of other pillows I’ve tried before. It uses hyper fine silk velvet, and that’s as breathable as fabrics can be. It’s also resistant to dust mites and other allergens, so it’s great for those with allergies as well.

I do find that this pillow is just a bit too thin for comfort. It’s great when I’m on my back or on my stomach. But once you try to shift positions, it offers less support.

10. Superior White Down Alternative Pillow

This pillow may have its fair share of bad reviews, but I’ve tried it and I can honestly say that it’s not as bad as you think. It actually offers the perfect level of softness that’s missing in a lot of other pillows. The microfiber is also cool to the skin, even after resting your head on it for some time.

One tip that I can give you if you plan on using this pillow would be this – choose the right pillow case size. I find that using a case that gives it a snug fit actually makes it fuller, without compromising its softness. This doesn’t cause the material to bunch up in one area either, which is further proof of how soft and flexible the material is. When I felt that I wanted it to go a little thinner, I tried a larger case that gave it more room to flatten out. And sure enough, it worked well for me as well.

The Final Verdict

Out of all the 10 listed here, I would still say that the Snuz Sleep Bed Pillow worked for me best. It gave the right amount of everything – support, comfort, and coolness. It lets me move around without having to adjust its angle or find a better spot for my head. I guess the hourglass shape really does wonders, no matter how weird it seems at the start.

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