The Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

Most of us do own dogs. In fact, the US Pet Ownership Statistics show that 36.5% of the US households own dogs. But wait a moment; does this mean that dogs are highly preferred only in the United States? Not really; US is just used to represent the entire population since conducting a survey of the entire world would be extremely demanding. 

Research things aside; let us concentrate on our four-legged furry friends. Being a great admirer of dogs, I spend a lot of quality time with my lovely Cooper. Outside of work, I take cooper on walks in the woods, the park, or on early morning workouts.

At night when most dog owners would rather sleep separately from their dogs, I actually allow cooper to sleep in my bed. Why you ask? At first I thought that sleeping with my little Cooper would somehow affect the quality of my sleep or my health, but after some time I found there were many benefits

When I was surfing the web about dogs, I came across a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

According to the study, occupying the same bedroom with a dog does not negatively affect the quality of sleep. Having gotten interested in my new discovery, curiosity drove me to find out whether there were any benefits from sleeping next to my lovely Cooper. After digging deeper into my research, I came to the conclusion that there were plenty of benefits from having Cooper in my bed!

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Dog

1. It Provides Comfort

sleeping with dog

When sleeping next to my Cooper, I usually feel more comfortable than when I have to spend the entire night alone. A recent study was done using 150 pet owners, and based on findings, 84 out of 150 pet owners said that they allowed their pets to sleep in bed with them. The reason being, was that it provided a sense of comfort.  

What makes sleeping next to a dog more comforting? I guess this is the kind of question that just flashes through your mind. There are multiple explanations, but one common explanation is that the dog's gentle fur provides a sense of relaxation.

2. Having A Warm Blooded Animal Helps You Sleep At Night

Sometimes, getting a hot bottle of water or even switching to an electric blanket may be the trick during the cold winter nights to slip easily into bed. A good substitute or compliment for this method would be a real life warm blooded animal.

sleeping with dog

Unlike humans, dogs do not need warm clothing to keep themselves warm. Do you know why? I know you can easily argue that it is because of the thick fur, and you would be right,  but there is also another reason behind that. Dogs have layers of coats that help to keep the heat they generate from escaping, and to prevent the cold from getting in. Therefore, sleeping with your dog helps to warm up your bed quickly to a cozy temperature.

3. It Helps With Insomnia


Insomnia is a condition where one finds it difficult to fall asleep even when provided with the chance to do so. I know it might be absurd to say that sleeping next to a canine helps fight insomnia, but for many people this actually does work. 

Sleeping with canines help to eliminate worries and reduce anxiety which are some common causes insomnia. If you are facing insomnia whose root causes are associated with worry or anxiety, you may find that all you need is a cozy furry canine friend to sleep next to you at night.

4. It Helps To Manage Stress

Through out our day we are bombarded by everyday stress from work and relationships. These stresses don't help us later on at night when it's time to go to bed. When it's time to decompress, some people prefer to enjoy a glass a wine, a cold beer, a movie, or some other form of relaxing activity to prepare for bed time. 


Did you know that sleeping next to your dog can also help manage stress? If you weren't aware, well now you know. Even if the root cause of your stress is hard to determine, having a canine pal next to you in bed helps with the anxiety. 

For those who share the stress of operating on an exhausting work schedule, dogs are always the best way for me to forget about the office. This argument is backed by a UK study that states that spending time with a dog helps you to feel more relaxed, and less preoccupied with the day-to-day stresses from work.

5. It Makes One Feel More Secure At Night Easing Anxiety

For those of us who own dogs, we all understand that they are extraordinary pets who not only provide a companion but also security. Therefore, as I sleep next to my Cooper, I sleep having in mind that there is someone with super sensitive hearing watching over me during my vulnerable moments through the entirety of sleep. This means that I can sleep easier with Cooper helping to relieve some anxiety.

6. It Helps Strengthen The Bond You Have With Your Dog

sleeping with dog

Humans will always be strongly bonded with people they spend a lot of time with. In the case of a dog, spending that extra snuggle moment will help to improve your friendship, and help fill the need for attachment for others.

7. Helps To Lower The Blood Pressure

I understand that this point may look misplaced. However, it is true that sleeping with your dog can help reduce your blood pressure if you are suffering from hypertension. In fact, it’s something that has worked for a friend of mine. To support the hypothesis, I will base my argument on the study carried out to determine the cardiovascular effects of human’s interaction with a dog. The research paper states that petting or interacting with a dog can be associated with lower blood pressure, than when socializing with people.

8. It Is A Helpful Depression Remedy

Depression is something that can impact the ability to sleep, and the quality of sleep. Just like cuddling with a spouse is proven to release the oxytocin hormone, the case with the dog is no different. The oxytocin hormone not only works to strengthen the bond but also eases depression to make it easy to sleep.


9. It Is Good For Your Dog

sleeping with dog

Considering the love we have for these friendly canines, it’s obvious that we all want to provide them with the best love and attention they need. Sleeping with my Cooper makes him feel more comfortable. After all, he provides me with perfect company the entire day; taking me wherever I want. His loyalty deserves equal treatment when it comes to sleep.

Final Verdict

Even though the majority of people believe sleeping with a dog is a detriment, research states that sleeping next to a furry canine is advantageous to both the dog owner and the animal. Just to relieve some of my own doubts, this is something that I have practiced for quite some time. The fact is that sleeping with Cooper provides me with better sleep, comfort, sanity, and safety through out the night.

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